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DNS (UDP) tunneling by SSH with socat.

2014-08-08 by gihnius, tagged as internet


In China, many "ISP" sucks. Their DNS servers often return incorrect ip address results,  is known as DNS poisoning! DNS poisoning is a common and simple way to stop people reaching correct web pages.

Here is a solution to get the correct DNS queries results.

Dependent tools

  • Server
    • A VPS server that can access famous public DNS servers correctly, eg. (google dns) or (opendns).
    • SSH server running on that VPS. (Please google: how to setup ssh server)
    • socat (Socket Cat). (Please google: how to setup or install socat)
    • dnsmasq (Optional, for caching).
  • Local
    • SSH client
    • socat (Socket Cat)
    • dnsmasq (Optional, for caching).

ssh, socat, dnsmasq are open source softwares which can be found and installed easily.

Samples and Steps

  • Server
    • Setup a DNS caching server using dnsmasq. (Optional)
    • If no local dns server, just use a public dns server instead, eg.
    • Forwarding UDP to TCP by socat (listen on port: 15353)
      • install socat
      • start socat:
        • if use a public dns server, eg.
          socat tcp4-listen:15353,reuseaddr,fork,bind= UDP:
        • if use local dns caching server:
          socat tcp4-listen:15353,reuseaddr,fork,bind= UDP:
    • You can check the forwarding dns server using command line:
      dig +tcp @ -p 15353
  • Local
    • Setup SSH tunnel 
      ssh -N -L 15353:localhost:15353 username@vps.ip
    • Forwarding TCP to UDP by socat
      • if no local dns caching server, you can forward to port 53
        socat udp-recvfrom:53,reuseaddr,bind=,fork tcp:
      • of cause can forward to any port that can be used.
        socat udp-recvfrom:15353,reuseaddr,bind=,fork tcp:
    • Setup local dns caching server (Optional but recommend). See the server instruction above.


Oh not yet!

ssh (tunnel) is not always working well! WTF!